Friday, July 11, 2014

Shakes: Part XIV

Saturday, June 28: I arrived at the park at 4 and did my normal routine. For CW they have a fight call in the building at 7 and the weapons have to come back down to the park. Two actors start the show at the top of the hill at the entrance to the park so ten minutes before the show starts I go to the building to cue them. 2000 people came to the show! There was lightning during the second act, but it didn't rain and the lightning was 20 minutes west of us.

Sunday, June 29: I arrived at the park at 5, taped bards names on their chairs, got the walkies and set up backstage. I got popcorn from a vendor and set up the Forum. Wes found a wood pole that was buried in the ground SR of the set with nails sticking up, presumably from a past set built there, and we spent awhile trying to dig it up. Tempest performance three and clean up after.

Monday, June 30: I arrived at Kenefick at 10am to take our company car to the rental place (they had loaned the car to us) because one of our company members accidentally dented the passenger side door and we needed to get an estimate on damages. After getting a pretty big number from the place, Wes and I went to the office and did payroll and expense reports. We attended a staff meeting at UNO at 3, had a late lunch, went through Wes's credit card statement at the office and attended On Tour auditions. Every fall NS takes a Shakespeare show on tour around to local high schools and middle schools and they do workshops to get kids interested in the Bard. This fall it's The Tempest.

Tuesday, July 1: I arrived at Creighton at 1 to do some office work and striked the rehearsal space since no more rehearsals would be held there. We went to the park and did our normal routine, except that a crew member didn't show up so I had to call in a replacement. In addition to that our sound engineer wasn't aware we had a Tuesday performance so I had to call him to come in late.

Wednesday, July 2: I arrived at Creighton at 1 to continue striking the rehearsal space. We pulled up all our spike tape and put the pianos we borrowed back where they came from. At the park we learned that Vince's car had been broken into and two rapiers we use in CW were stolen. He quickly called other people in the theater community and found another two we could use, and I was sent on the errand to retrieve them from a company member who was in Tempest.

Thursday, July 3: I arrived at the park at 4:30 to do ice/water, get the walkies and set up Forum. I also bought t-shirts for both shows and a purple one for Shakespeare's 450th birthday. I grabbed pizza from a vendor and we had a great Tempest performance. After the show Anna had a get together at her house.

CW shirt

450th shirt

Tempest shirt

Saturday, July 5: I arrived at the park at 4:30, set up the souvenir tent and did my normal stuff. Tonight we had the Forum at 6:00 instead of 6:30 because our Camp Shakespeare campers were performing their shows on our education stage. At 6:30 the youngest groups, the Jesters, performed their version of Compleat Works and at 7:00 the oldest group, the Players, performed Romeo & Juliet. I grabbed Mark's keys for Creighton since he didn't need them anymore and we performed CW.

Sunday, July 6: I arrived at the park at 4:30, did water/ice and set up the Forum for the First Annual Pub Quiz in the park. Instead of interviewing people Sarah and Vince came up with Shakespeare questions and we had 5 contestants battling it out with dry erase boards to get the prize - a t-shirt at our souvenir tent. After the Forum the middle schoolers of Camp Shakespeare, the Apprentices, performed Macbeth. We had our last show of the season, Tempest and after the show we started striking props and the backstage area as much as we could in the dark.

Monday, July 7: I arrived at the park at 10 for strike and Wes and I cleaned out the semi while Matt took his props away and the set guys took down the set. We had to get help to take down the army tent and we took down the equity tent as well. We cleaned out the coolers and filled them with backstage lights. We took down the shelved we put up for props and put all our supplies in my blue bin of everything we might ever need. A guy came to move both semi's from backstage to the middle of the park. We filled up our road boxes and put them in the back of the semi and cleaned out the rest of it. We cleaned out the mobile mini/pod we were storing site stuff in and put some of it in CEC storage and some in the semi. We set out the astroturf that was in the costume army tent to dry on the fence. After a long, hard day Wes and I went to the library to rent a UHAUL for the next day.

Tuesday, July 8: I arrived at the park at 9 to take Wes to the UHAUL place (and to pick up coffee). After we got to the park we helped the electrics crew clean the muddy cords we had borrowed from a place in town. We helped Tom take down gazebos and took a lunch break. Tom and I took down our sign that we had put up on a pedestrian overpass over our busiest street in Omaha. Wes and I went to Kenefick to help Suzanne with cleaning up housing stuff since everyone had moved out. After that we went back to the park and had a "Lumber Party" where high schools and colleges from the area took away the lumber that we weren't going to use again so we didn't have to trash it all in our two big dumpsters.

Wednesday, July 9: I arrived at the office at 10:30 and we did expense reports and sent out EMC forms to Equity in Chicago. Wes and I went to Sgt. Peffer's for our annual strike lunch, and we had a good turn out of the set crew and costume crew. After we got back to the office I gave all the Creighton keys we used to Michael, the building manager. I got the news that my great-grandfather had passed away, and since I needed to go to the funeral, I told Wes that today would be my last day (I was technically contracted until July 11) so we should get everything done that we could. I dropped Wes off at UNO to deal with things there and went to our accountant's office to pick up a check. I picked Wes up and we took the company car to the rental place, and Wes was nice and put gas in my car and bought me a soda. I took him back to UNO and we said our awkward end of the season "see you later".

In the end, I worked 345.5 hours in 9 weeks from May 12-July 9. It's been a crazy whirlwind summer as usual, and I can't wait to see what Nebraska Shakespeare has in store for us next.


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