Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shakes: Part XIII

Hello! It's been crazy here. Shakespeare On The Green is over, and while I'm glad I get my life back, I'm sad that the season is done. I made so many lasting memories and met so many interesting people.

Here's where I left off, day by day.

Tuesday, June 17: I arrived at the park at 11, stopped by Walgreens for water, and spent the rest of the morning painting the set. Mostly painting grey on the "boat" for Tempest. After class Wes and I got ice and water into the coolers. We put water into empty coolers and then take the coolers in the gator to the Student Center to get ice from their kitchen. After that we put up some more gazebos around the park. I set up backstage with bugspray, sunscreen, fans, and a mirror. We put two picnic tables backstage for the actors to hang out when they're not onstage. I watched the second dress rehearsal for The Tempest and then cleaned up backstage.

Wednesday, June 18: I arrived at the park at 10 with mail from Creighton. I got coffee for Wes from the library and then we had a staff meeting. After class Wes and I finalized our pre show schedule and we had Tempest third and final dress.

The pre show schedule before every performance.

Thursday, June 19: I arrived at the park at 2:30 and met Wes in the library to print out paperwork for on the green. We have two people go onstage every night before the show: one to read the sonnets, and one to welcome everyone to the green and ask for donations. Suzanne does the sonnets every day and the other announcer is usually someone from the community, on our local TV or radio stations. Therefore, we have to have a script printed for them every day with current information.
We also print out a parking list for the UNO parking people to have because some of our big donors get a reserved parking space. In addition to that list we print out names of Bards to put on reserved chairs we set up house right by the lighting tower. I set up backstage, set up the Scholar's Forum sound system, listened to the Forum, cued the greenshow Madrigals (they sing songs to people in the audience) and sat backstage for our first performance. We had a couple of power surges, but otherwise the show was a success! We all went to a house after the show for a party.

Friday, June 20: I arrived at the park at 3:30 and set up a blanket for a friend of mine and did ice for the coolers and set up backstage. I got walkies for Stage Management, and set up and listened to the Scholar's Forum. It started to rain slightly around 7:30 and we scrambled to figure out the forecast and if the rain would let up or get worse. In the end we cancelled our show, and I got to go onstage to tell the audience that the performance was unfortunately cancelled due to the weather and please come back for a different performance another night. We hurried to clean up and right as I got to the building to finished putting walkies away it started to pour.

Saturday, June 21: I arrived at the park at 12:30 and went to the library with Wes. I ran errands to Lowe's to pick up stakes, Target for wet wipes, and Kinko's for "Reserved" signs. I set up backstage, did walkies, ice, and the Forum. We had a great second performance.

Sunday, June 22: I arrived at the park at 4:30, did water/ice and the sound system. We had "Will's Best Friend" contest: we partner with PetCo and have prizes for dogs who come to the park dressed up. We had our third performance and I read backstage.

Monday, June 23: I arrived at the park at 5 for dry tech, ordered Chinese food for dinner, and Wes and  I did some computer/website work in the RV.

Tuesday, June 24: I arrived at the park at 9 to prepare for a Compleat Works rehearsal. Wes brought his dog Mara Jade and we looked after her while sitting in a golf cart during rehearsal. We went by Lowe's to get anti-rust spray for our set. We had first dress for CW. Suzanne brought a lamp for Mark, the SM so he could see his script when it got dark. We cleaned up.

Wednesday, June 25: I arrived in the park at 4. 2nd dress. (I didn't take many notes for this day!)

Thursday, June 26: I arrived at the park at 4 and did water/ice. I took Anna home to Kenefick from UNO. It started raining early and Vince, Wes, and Mary Ann all came to the park and decided to cancel the performance. We made a sign to put up at the entrance for patrons to see if they came to the park anyway. I hosted a get together at my house for the company members since they weren't doing a show.

Friday, June 27: I arrived at the park at 4pm and the gator was out of gas. We did ice/water and the Scholar's Forum. My parents came to the performance and we had a great opening night. After the show the actors gathered onstage for a talkback with some of the audience members because a concert had been going on in a nearby park so driving was terrible and we wanted to give our patrons another option. We all headed to a donor's house for our second opening party.


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