Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shakes: Part XII

We've been busy at the park! Most of the work now has moved from Creighton to UNO.

Thursday, June 5: (according to my log) I arrived at Creighton at 9:45 for a production meeting. After class I was on the green and stopped by the CEC (Community Engagement Center). I also contacted our Storz vendor to finalize their menu for when they sell food during shows. I called a girl named Katie to see if she could potentially be our Set Crew Head for both shows.

Friday, June 6: I arrived at the CU office at 10 and did some expense reports and updated backstage papers. After I saw my older sister off to the airport and attended class I was at site for a bit and then Wes and I ran some errands, including HyVee to buy food for our light focus grill out and Ace Hardware for some scenic needs.

Monday, June 9: I had the morning off and after class went to the accountant's office to pick up reimbursement checks. I met Wes at site and we talked with our pizza vendor for a while and looked at the semi's. Wes and I went to the office and did expense reports, updated social media, and I scanned some things for Wes.

Tuesday, June 10: I arrived at CU at 10 and Wes and I updated the website, mostly with the vendor menus. We went to site and "faced" the stage. We have a big wave that is built on Stage Right and on the inside of it we started to staple planks of wood to make it look like a ship. I unloaded the blue semi event staff boxes with Elizabeth (an event staffer) and moved them to a "Mobile Mini" shed.

Wednesday, June 11: I arrived at the park at 9 for a staff meeting. I continued to plank the stage with Wes and put a gazebo up with Wes's brother Tim.

Thursday, June 12: I arrived at CU at 9:30 for a production meeting. On site I helped cut off the edges of the planks. I went to the office for a few minutes and then watched a run of Tempest.

Friday, June 13: I arrived at CU at 11 to help load the boat pieces into a set guy's truck and then met Suzanne in the park to help set up for the crew picnic, food provided by Jimmy John's. I helped build the set some more and helped the scenic intern Alex with the inside of our cave. I, along with 5 others, helped Wes put up an army tent to use as our costume tent and moved the road boxes in the semi. Wes and I went to storage to pick up our sound system and stopped by the office. I stopped by Walgreens and went to dry tech. During tech I went to storage, the office, and my dorm. I then helped Wes fix program errors.

Saturday, June 14: I arrived at the park at 9 with ice for the cooler and took a tour of UNO with all the Tempest actors. I cleaned the stage and helped with props to prepare for park rehearsal. I plugged in our walkies and put water and ice in the coolers. I watched rehearsal, helped set up backstage lights, and then we finished our space-out and we had wet tech with actors.

Monday, June 16: I arrived at the park at 9:30 to set up for rehearsal. I ran by Blick to get paint pens and Walgreens for water. Part of rehearsal got rained out, but we went back after it had passed. I set out water, bugspray and sunscreen. We had a break and then had our first dress, which we started early because we thought it might rain again. I watched the run and after the rehearsal we had notes and I put walkies away and went home.


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