Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Shakes: Part XI

I'm already getting behind on posts, go figure. I write down in my notebook a synopsis of what I do all day, so hopefully I can summarize adequately.

Last Friday I arrived at Creighton at 11 and set up shop in our office, when I got a knock at the door. Michael, the building manager, wanted to ask Wes something but settled for me as Wes wasn't there yet. Last night after rehearsal a mess was left in the Green Room (popcorn all over the floor and a crumb-y cake dish) and the janitor came in to find a mouse on the table with the cake remnants. Needless to say they closed off the room and had to dealt with their (I think ongoing) rodent problem.

I called Wes and told the Stage Manager that we couldn't use the green room for a few days as per Creighton's request, as well as that we had to clean up the mess. And by we, I meant Wes and I apparently. Because while rehearsal was going on, I was doing dishes (40 mugs, two coffeepots and a cake dish) and Wes was vacuuming.

The rest of the day, according to my notes, Wes and I delivered mail, checking in on costumes, and did expense reports.

On Sunday I arrived at Creighton around 12:30 and started to clean and organize the office while waiting for Wes. When he arrived I scanned and printed a lot of things. We continued doing expense reports. There was a brief power outtage because of a storm and we checked in on rehearsal.

Yesterday I arrived at Creighton at 10 and copied receipts for expense reports and helped Wes fill out vendor contracts. When we get to on the green we had food vendors set up shop on House Left and before the show and during intermission they sell food to our patrons. I called a few potential set building volunteers.

I went to class and afterwards met Wes in the park. Soon, city sirens started going off, indicating severe weather and that everyone should go inside. So what do we do? We quickly start making sure the park will be okay. We tie up electric cords, the set people clean up their stuff, we bag our lights and generally stay in the park for awhile after the sirens had started. Finally we took shelter in the Fine Arts Building and after we had an all clear I went home to my family.


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