Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shakes: Part X

Yesterday I arrived at UNO and wandered around campus until I found the newly renovated Community Engagement Center where our staff meeting was being held. I joined Wes, Mary Ann, Sarah, Vince, Patrick, nellie, and Suzanne. They all had a chance to talk about the part of Nebraska Shakespeare they are in charge of.

After the meeting Wes and I checked in on the costume shop and scene shop, and then made a trip to Lowe's to buy more tools for the set crew. After my class Wes and I worked on the "Thank You" page in the program, which is basically just a huge list in small font of all the people we have to thank for their support throughout the year.

After the Thank You's we did the Costume and Company expense reports. Lindsay and Suzanne provided receipts and a list of what they bought when at what store. Wes inputs it in this huge document and I make sure all his numbers are correct.

Today I met Wes at UNO at 8am so I could drive him to the U-HAUL place. Travis, our electrician, needed a U-HAUL to transport rented lights, but wasn't old enough to rent, so Wes had to do it. I dropped him off and then headed back to Creighton. I stopped by the dorm to grab my computer charger so my laptop wouldn't die during the production meeting while I was sky ping Craig in.

Wes got back and we prepared for the meeting at 10, he printed out the agenda and we gathered parking passes and things like that. The meeting started with Compleat Works, and I was the only girl there. Then crossover between the shows, and we end with Tempest. It was a pretty uneventful meeting, and this time we got out in an hour and a half instead of two and a half hours like last week.

Wes and I puttered around in the office and I went to class while he met with Brent, the TD, to go over what was said and decided in the meeting. After class I met Wes in the office and he had to take a phone call and oversee photo call, so I copied all the expense report receipts from yesterday and scanned them to Wes's email. I met up with Tempest photo call in the Jesuit gardens at Creighton and once we got back to the building Wes let me go early because he had a meeting.


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