Sunday, May 25, 2014

Shakes: Part VIII

On Thursday, I arrived at Creighton at 9:30 for our Production Meeting starting at 10. Wes again used my computer to Skype with our lighting designer, Craig. This left me with hardy anything to do, as I do not participate much in the meetings unless Wes needs something. If my computer had been free, I could have gotten things done, but instead it almost ran out of battery to keep Craig on the line. I was off of work for the whole day after the meeting.

Thursday evening Colleen, one of the company, held an unofficial party at her house. I drove Anna, Brendan, and Gregg there and back. The party was fun: good conversations held, and many marshmallows roasted over a backyard fire.

On Friday I arrived at Storz on the Riverfront, the place where the fundraiser was being held. I met Wes on Lewis & Clark landing and he set me to work stringing out a cord from the building all the way down to the fence overlooking the water. We had people arrive with a pontoon boat that was being used for our stage, and we needed power for the people performing later in the evening. We had some company members performing some scenes and a few musical groups.

After stringing out the cords I set to work in the blazing sun taping them down to the ground so no one would trip, which turned out to be a time-consuming task. I looked around for Wes and found him at the front of Storz putting up a gazebo to be the registration tent. He sent a guy with me back down to the landing to put up three newly bought gazebos that would be for food. We got two more people to help and by the third gazebo had our time down to 15 minutes. After the hard work, I had a small lunch with nellie.

Wes sent me to storage to grab a couple of stage weights he needed to weigh down one of his games. I got back and delivered the weights to him, then helped a couple ladies set up the merchandise and ticket tent, where I would be working for the event itself. I went to registration and got two wristbands (blue for volunteer, purple for underage) and a clipboard of information to run the tent. I then had to stay with the tent at all times because we didn't want people stealing merchandise.

I was selling t-shirts, pint glass, growlers, game tickets, raffle tickets, and wheel of meat tickets. The wheel of meat tickets were for a raffle to win Omaha Steaks gift cards. I was given a "square" for my iPhone so people could pay using a credit card, and that turned out to be surprisingly easy to manage. The booth wasn't very popular at first, but I soon got swamped being by myself with a crowd waiting to purchase items.

Also at my table was a Prize Wheel. I sold game tickets, and people would go play games, and if they won the game they received the prize ticket and would come back to spin the Prize Wheel. It consisted of different slices of prizes, such as: playing cards, a t-shirt, grab bag (which just held wax lips), gift selection (this was only one slice and rare to win), $5 off a $25 purchase at Storz, etc. You could spin the wheel one time for each prize ticket. As people started coming to the tent with 15 prize tickets, giving out prizes got less and less enjoyable.

About an hour into the event I got a partner to man the table, but I mostly handled merchandise purchases and she manned the prize wheel after a while. I couldn't leave the tent to grab dinner or water or really even enjoy the event. I could see the entertainment on the pontoon boat but I couldn't partake in the activities. I didn't even know what games Wes had set up. As the night drew to a close, I found myself worn-out and very sunburned.

We finally started packing up around 8:30, and I got to sit for a minute with Vince, nellie, Mary Ann, and Wes. Vince, Sarah, and I then took down the devil of the registration gazebo as it turned dark. It took forever, but while working on taking every single screw out we bypassed the rest of the work down on the landing. I was tired and radiating heat from being outside so long (I put on sunscreen, but not enough) and I was getting close to the point where I wouldn't be of any use at all. Wes let me go at 10, and I went to my dorm and fell asleep.

I had the day off yesterday, and the only thing today is a potluck that might or might not get rained out.

The Prize Wheel

The NE Shakes actors who performed scenes

My view of the event from my tent


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