Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Shakes: Part VII

Yesterday after stopping by my mom's office, I met Wes at the office at 11:30. His goal of the day was to continue organizing items for our fundraiser on Friday. Instead of sitting in on the CW read through he had me organize actor bios for the program, and we delivered packages to the costume shop.

I had my class (traffic was terrible, a road had been closed) and then arrived back at the office at 3:30. Wes and I printed some papers and then headed to Storz on the Riverfront, our location for the fundraiser, for a meeting. It was two hours of discussion of last minute details and where to put things between the seven or so ladies on the committee and Wes. I called Ephriam, ASM, during the meeting to make sure that the set guys dropping off part of the broken ship to rehearsal would be greeted at the load in door. After dropping Wes back off at the office, my day was done.

Today I arrived right on the dot at 10, after having missed my alarm and taking a fast shower. On Wednesdays there are staff meetings, starting at 9am with the 5 people who have year-round jobs at Nebraska Shakespeare (Vince: Artistic Director, Wes: Director of Production, Sarah: Director of Education, nellie: Marketing Director, Mary Ann: Executive Director). Then at 10 we add me, Company Manager (Suzanne), and Site Manager (Tom).

After the meeting was over around 11, Wes and I went to a place hosting non-profit organizations for the annual "Omaha Gives" day. Omaha Gives is a 24-hour event where you can donate a minimum of $10 to a company in town, and then the amount raised gets matched. Wes and I met nellie and saw our booth and wandered around and had free food.

I had lunch with my mom at noon, her work is two minutes away from my work, and then went to class at 1. I met Wes at the UNO Fine Arts Building after class where he was talking budgeting with our Technical Director Brent. I then went over to Creighton to open our office for someone at Creighton who needed something in it. You can't get into our office with a key, you have to slide a programmed card. Only Wes, Suzanne, and I can get in at this point I think. nellie had one but I think she lost it.

Wes met me at Creighton and had me update some Company info and then had me drive over to Film Streams to get a gift basket for the fundraiser. I drive over and, while trying to find parking, accidentally turn onto the interstate, which freaked me out, and by the time I exited it was 5 and I figured Film Streams was closed so I just went back to the office.

I started working on bios for the program, Wes went to Film Streams to finish what I couldn't, and then I went home to a lovely dinner with my family.


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