Monday, May 19, 2014

Shakes: Part VI

On Sunday I had most of the day off, until I had the adventure of picking up Ricardo from the bus station. I had never been to the station before and the only parking available was parallel parking, which is a skill I do not possess. Many people before have tried and failed to teach me, including my dad, Wes, and Mark. Suzanne offered me lessons but I declined due to my recent failure with Mark.

I parked in a "no parking unless you're authorized" parking lot for ten minutes and succeeded in picking up Ricardo and bringing him to Kenefick, our dorm. I then got dressed up and Anna and I stopped by the office to get a bin of napkins, cups, utensils and other miscellaneous items to bring to our Welcome Party.

The party was generously hosted at an art gallery/apartment of a friend of Nebraska Shakespeare, the same place we had it last year. Suzanne, nellie, and a couple of other people were there when Anna and I arrived and we finished setting out the food and soon enough the people started rolling in. It was an optional event, but a lot of our company came to be social and start getting to know everyone. Vince did introductions, and then we were left to our own devices to mingle.

I chatted with a lot of people, mostly actors, in addition to making sure all the food and everything was well stocked and taken care of. The party officially started at 5:30 and most everyone was gone by 8:30. We cleaned up, loaded most of the extra drinks and food into Suzanne's car, and went back to Kenefick.

Today I arrived at Creighton at 9am and met Wes in our office. He had me scan some tax forms and then we set to work putting orange slips into the Company folders we had stuffed on Friday. The orange slips were for things the person was missing that we needed from them, such as Company info, a headshot, or a tax form. Wes went up to the mainstage to help with tape out and I copied some documents to put in people's folders if they were missing something.

I brought the bin of folders up to the lobby area and started checking people in as they arrived for the meeting. Suzanne put out popcorn and lemonade for them to snack on and after they checked in with me and got their folder most of them mingled with each other. I also had them check to make sure all their information was correct on our contact sheets.

The meeting started at noon, and after Vince's introduction Wes had me "Vana White" all of the papers in the company folder, as he explained what each of them was for. Rob and Vince talked about their shows a little bit and then we had a break where the new people could take tours of Creighton. Around 12:50 I dashed off to UNO to have the first session of a summer class I'm taking there.

I went back to Creighton around 6 to sit in on the Tempest read through and met Wes in our office. He packed up all his stuff and we sat in the back of the theater while Rob was talking about the design of the costumes and the set. I was set to work making labels for all the mugs the company uses in the green room, and after I listened to the read through I rinsed out all the mugs and put the labels on them for people to use from now on. It was 9:30 at this point, and I managed to score a good parking spot at Kenefick. Next on the agenda is the Compleat Works read through tomorrow at noon.


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