Friday, May 16, 2014

Shakes: Part V

This morning I tried to park in the lot right outside the Lied Center where the office is and was told that I needed to park in the adjacent parking lot because of an awards event that was going on. I met Wes and unloaded office supplies to our SM office and then was sent across town to get reimbursement checks from our accountant.

After I got back (the roads had heavy traffic) I printed out labels for the folders we give our company at the Company meeting. Wes and I set up a printer for the SM's and realized we were out of black ink, which sent me on another run into town to OfficeMax. There I bought a binder for Rob, a ruler, and the ink. I also dropped by UNO to pick up the set model from Brent, our Technical Director.

I got back just in time for tape-out, which is where the SM's, Wes and I use spike tape on one of our rehearsal spaces to tape out where the set will be in the park. We're going to tape out our MainStage at Creighton on Monday morning before the meeting. During some down time during today's tape out I typed up our set building supplies inventory.

After tape out was all said and done, we reloaded the ink cartridge in the SM printer and I took a short break while Wes went to get cigarettes and a drink. When he got back we were focused on our biggest task of the day: Company folders. For the meeting on Monday we give everyone employed by Nebraska Shakespeare a folder containing important documents: contact sheets, campus maps, FAQ's, etc.

Which means that Wes and I have to put it together. We spent time making sure all the documents we had to print were all up to date with the right information. Then we printed off an original copy of everything. We compiled all the colored sheets of paper we wanted to print on, and went to the main office of Creighton, across from our office.

For our first job we made 73 copies of the master schedule, which was 3 pages long and we wanted on 2 pages (the first page front and back) and stapled. However, Wes accidentally didn't press the button to collate them or staple them, so we had to do all of that by hand after the printing was done. On one of the contact sheets he accidentally didn't print it double-sided so we had to fix that as well. Otherwise, all the copying went well.

Suzanne stopped by for a bit to pick up the Company car key and a few forms I had for her and to talk to Wes about anything she needed to put in the company folders. She decided on just the campus maps. After the long time that was printing everything, Wes and I sat up camp in the conference room and had an assembly line to put all the documents into the 73 red, blue and black folders. We worked fast, packed everything up, and went home after a long day.


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