Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Shakes: Part IX

Sunday was our Memorial Day Potluck, at Vince and Sarah's house. I arrived a little after 4:30 and helped Sarah and Suzanne (Vince was at rehearsal) set up tables and chairs outside, complete with tablecloths. We then put up strings of lights on the fence and cute little lanterns, along with torches filled with citronella to ward off bugs. Vince brought four more tables and we set those up too. Vince's neighbor, a chef, came to grill for us.

We set up the table inside for people to put the food they brought, and then sat around in the living room waiting for people to start showing up. Sarah put in Star Wars V and as soon as people arrived I went to work setting up food and directing people through the house to the outside tables. Nate, the chef, started cooking and there were a fair amount of people congregating inside and outside. Soon, everyone had a plate of food and started mingling and staying outside. It was a pretty night, sort of overcast, so the sun wasn't blazing on the sunburn I was trying to hide.

I had a plate of food and sat down with Wes, Anna, and Brendan to eat. I then sort of floated around making sure everything was going smoothly and checking in with the hosts to make sure we weren't running out of anything. It was this point at parties that I usually started to feel out of it. I sat in on some conversations and didn't feel like I had anything to add, so I ended up just sitting there. After getting some ice cream and sitting with a new group, it started to sprinkle. 

It was like magic, in a few seconds everyone, synchronized, got up and started cleaning everything up. All the food and tablecloths thrown away, lights and lanterns taken inside, chairs and tables folded. Everyone got inside and it really started to rain. I was glad that everyone had helped clean up; if it hadn't rained people would have gone home on their own time and it would have been the four of us tearing down.

I joined Wes on the front porch and we were swinging on their porch swing when a water beetle landed on my foot and another on his leg, and I decided to go inside and start watching Star Wars VI with everyone else. People lingered for awhile and then slowly went on their way. The four of us cleaned up and I dashed out in the rain to go home.

I had Memorial Day off and went to work again today. I met Wes at UNO due to the scheduled power outage at Creighton. We soon realized that since we use electronic means (sliding a card) to access our office, there would literally be no way to get in the office until Thursday. We worked in the library at UNO, and I scanned a few things and ran some tax forms to people on campus to get them signed so they could be paid in a couple of days.

I went to class (got 100% on a quiz!) and met Wes at the park afterwards. We went to the first floor of the Fine Arts Building to locate an outlet for Wes to plug in his computer and we worked on getting the bios of the program ready for nellie. In our program we list every other job or role they've done On The Green, so we spent a lot of time looking up what people have done for us in the past. I formatted it with the right sizes and fonts, alphabetized it and had Wes look over everything. After a weird rainstorm while it was sunny out, I went home around 7.


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