Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shakes: Part IV

Yesterday I met Wes in the conference room at 10 o'clock at Creighton to take part in a conference call with several other people regarding our ShakesBEER fundraiser on May 23rd. After taking up a little over an hour of our time, we went back to our office for a brief few minutes.

Around noon we drove to Ace Hardware to pick up hand tools for our set builders and brought them to the park. After realizing we needed a few more items we went to Lowe's and back to the site.

We met with Suzanne in our office and chatted about things we all had to get done, when Rob, the director for the Tempest, texted me that his plane had just landed. I quickly went out to my car and drove to the airport to pick him up. Rob is from New York, but he's lived in Omaha before and visits frequently. Last time he was here he left some of his belongings at a friends house, so we stopped by there before heading to the dorms. After getting him settled I drove him to Creighton to pick up the Company Car so he could run errands.

Today I went into the office around 11 and helped Wes set up for the Production Meeting at 12. He printed our agendas which I took to every seat and we set up my Skype to call our lighting designer because he wasn't in town. Once everyone arrived we did introductions and launched into the two hour discussion of the shows and the schedule.

During Production Meetings I sit by Wes, who writes notes, and I do anything he asks me to. This time around I discreetly passed out paychecks and had everyone sign a sheet that said they received their paychecks while the meeting was going on. Suzanne stopped by to give me the keys to the Company car and the passes for our cars for Creighton's campus.

I printed out a couple of props and weapons lists for people who needed them and generally just listened to the conversations happening. We break up each discussion into the two shows, and then subcategories like: "Costumes", "Props/Furniture", "Fights/Weapons, "Lights", "Set", etc. Every department head takes a turn saying their piece and having a conversation with the respective director on whatever topic they excel in.

After the [long] meeting, the Stage Managers stayed behind to put together a list of items they need for rehearsals starting next week. We went through the supplies we already had, including first aid, and wrote down the things we were missing.

I took a couple hours off and met Wes back at the office around 7, where he was making measurements on the ground plan to do tape out, which was rescheduled for tomorrow afternoon. We made a run to storage for tables, which we didn't find, and Walgreens for first aid supplies. Wes and I parted ways and he was going to go to Office Max to get the rest of the SM needs.


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  1. I love reading the snippets of your theater adventures! =) I'm so happy you're blogging this summer!