Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shakes: Part III

Today I went into the office at 10:30 and met with Wes for general "office hours" duties. We received keys from the building manager to give out to people (mainly the two of us, Suzanne, and the two Stage Managers). After getting informed about a music director issue and set design crisis, I set to work checking everyone's names in the program.

Wes, the Director of Production and my boss, had typed up a tentative program outline and wanted me to check on the spelling of all the actors, crew, and production people's names. We have them fill out a company info/bio google doc, so I spent a little while cross checking and marking the people who haven't filled out the google doc yet.

At noon we had lunch at the Old Chicago restaurant downtown. It was a Stage Management meet and greet, so we had the Stage Manager for Compleat Works (CW) Mark, the SM for Tempest (Tmp.) Danielle, the ASM for both shows Ephriam, the CW SM intern Ankita, the Tmp. SM intern Maryssa, Suzanne, myself, Wes, Vince, and Patrick. We all did quick introductions, and then chatted and got to know each other for the remainder of lunch.

When we got back to the office, at Creighton's Lied Center, we had an SM meeting, where we took a tour of the Lied, and then Wes went over some documents and answered questions. I had the two SM's fill out a key form to get their keys to the building.

After the meeting ended, Wes set me up with the project of scanning all the costume renderings that Lindsay had given him. I sent them all to my email (I think there were about 40 of them) and checked to make sure all of them had come through. Then I individually named each document and put them in a shared folder.

By this time, 4:30, Wes had to go to a board meeting and it was time for me to come back to the dorm. I'm meeting Wes to talk about the Fundraiser tomorrow morning at 10am.


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