Monday, May 5, 2014

Shakes: Part I

Hello everyone, it's been awhile. I am happy to inform you that my first year of college has gone very well, and that I have again been hired to work for Nebraska Shakespeare and Shakespeare on the Green in Omaha.

I am reprising my role as the Assistant to the Director of Production and Company Manager and I am excited about this summer's season. The shows this year will be The Tempest and The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged.

This summer I hope to update this blog more often to keep you in the loop about what exactly it's like to work for a professional non-profit theatre company on the production side. It's different from high school and college theatre, and it's a truly unique experience. I get back to Omaha this Friday, and immediately on Monday I start working.

It's busy, tiring, sometimes stressful, and completely worth it. I get to work with Anna Jordan, a very good friend of mine and of course Vince and his wife Sarah.

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy, and I look forward to continuing my theatre journey with you.

In other news, very recently I have become the very thing I have complained about before: a prop with dialogue, an actor. I was cast in a one act, Courting Prometheus, for the directing class at my college, Truman State University. It was student-directed by Liz Tuxbury, Stage Managed by Ann Acklen Brown, and I had one scene-partner, Daniel Riekena. There was one showing of it and it was about ten minutes long. I'll try to post more about the process in the next few weeks.

Much love,

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