Monday, May 12, 2014

Courting Prometheus: Part II

Midterm Break ended, and we had decided our rehearsal schedule would be on Tuesdays from 8-9 and Thursdays from 8:30-10. Since it was only a 10 minute play, we didn't need to rehearse every day.

We rehearsed in the big auditorium in Baldwin Hall. The actual show was going to be in a smaller theater in the Ophelia Parrish building, called the Severns Theater.

Daniel, who was cast as Lou, is 6'3" and graduate student at Truman. He wants to teach art, and soon after rehearsals started he turned 22. He's a goofball and we share a love of Star Wars, instantly clicking. Liz, our director, must have known this would happen because our first run through of the show went very well; Daniel and I had good chemistry.

The show calls for a wall to be in between us, so eventually we wouldn't be able to see each other's faces but at first we just sat in chairs across from each other. For the first few rehearsals we had our scripts, but soon we were supposed to be off book. We blocked most of the show in the first few weeks.

As the three of us (plus our Stage Manager, Ann Acklen who showed up occasionally) became closer, we planned a get together of making pizza and Star Wars to hang out outside of rehearsal, which was a great time.

Soon, Liz built our partition that was going to be between us during the show and we started rehearsing not being able to see each other. At the end of the show we both get up on our desks and can see each other then, but for the first five minutes or so we're separate. Rita is mostly trying to balance an account while Lou is trying to win her over. In true romantic comedy fashion, he does win her in the end.

We did a preview of the first five minutes of the show during Liz's directing class, and the other directors gave constructive criticism and complements. While Liz identified with my character a lot, most of the other students said they had more emotion towards Lou.

We changed up the blocking and the characters a little bit, and performed the whole show for Liz's professor a week before the actual performance. The last rehearsal we had we finalized blocking and both Daniel and I were confident in our lines.

Dress Rehearsal was interesting. Since their were eight one acts, the performances were on two nights, four per night. Courting Prometheus was the second performance of the second night. Therefore, we had to help with the transition of the show before us to our show, moving set pieces around in a quick and orderly fashion.

After we solidified the transition we performed (and recorded) our show twice, practicing projection and acting in front of an audience. It was weird how the lines came to me now. I had practiced so much that they came naturally, it didn't feel like I was reciting memorization.

We practiced the transition for the next show and were released for the evening. I went to the four shows on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed them, nervous and excited for my turn.

Friday, the big day, came and Daniel and I were called at 7 in the makeup room. We ran through curtain call, practiced our lines, and waited backstage during the first show. Transitioning didn't go super smoothly, and in the end my desk was about a foot away from the partition and Daniel's desk was really shaky (we both had to stand up on our desks and kiss). We performed in front of the audience, and it was wonderful. In the five seconds I had to myself before I walked on stage I was nervous, but once I got going it melted away.

We finished, transitioned, talked about how great it went during the third show, and watched the fourth. Curtain call happened, and we got to meet our friends in the lobby after the show.

I picked Daniel up for the Cast Party and was the Designated Driver for a couple people that night. I'm not usually a party person but everyone was so nice and the party was fun.

Daniel, Liz and I all got really close during our time together and I made sure to both see them again before we all went our separate ways. Liz graduated last weekend and Daniel only has one semester left. That's what happens when you have older friends!

I'm so glad I started my acting career with this wonderful show, and look forward to opportunities in the future.


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