Monday, May 12, 2014

Courting Prometheus: Part I

Way back on March 3rd of this year, a Monday, I tried out for the Directing class one-acts at Truman. I was in Acting 1 class all semester and was urged to try out, just to get the feel for things. Having never been on the audition side of things, it was a little nervewracking.

They told us to prepare something to say for one minute: it could be a monologue, it could be reading ingredients off a soda can, as long as it showed the 8 female directors something about you. I planned on doing a dramatic monologue I had memorized for acting class.

I got there, filled out my contact info sheet, and was given a number. I went into the Black Box where the 8 directors and their Stage Manager's were sitting on one side and the rest of the people trying out were in the rest of the chairs. I didn't know I was trying out in front of so many strangers, and this immediately stressed me out. I calmed down as I watched a few other people audition. One girl read from 50 Shades of Grey, another named different dog breeds, a few did regular monologues. 

Since most people made the directors laugh, I quickly decided that instead of the dramatic monologue, I would perform an absurdist monologue I memorized a couple years back from Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. They called my number and I walked up in front of them.

I was nervous, but I gave the title of the play and a few of the ladies nodded their head as if they were familiar with it. I started and finished the monologue (which is featured behind the text of the title of this blog) within the minute time frame, said thank you, and walked out. 

The next morning I received an email from a Stage Manager, telling me that I was called back for one of the eight shows! Then in the afternoon I received another callback email, that told me to look at the door of the Scene Shop to initial my name next to my callback time. I went to the Scene Shop and found out that I was called back for six shows!

I did five of my callbacks Tuesday night, and one on Wednesday. The part I really wanted was Rita in Courting Prometheus. I sort of knew the director because she had come into my acting class occasionally to do warms ups with us. I felt confident during my three callbacks for that show (I did the same side for each callback, each with a different guy actor).

The show, I was told, was about two office workers, a male and female, who shared a cubicle wall. They had slept together the night before the show takes place, and the ten-minute one act was them figuring out their place in the aftermath. Rita thinks it was just a one night stand and wants to forget about it, while Lou wants a relationship.

On Thursday I finally checked the Scene Shop wall and saw that I was cast as Rita! I didn't know the actor playing my counterpart, Lou, but saw his name and added him on Facebook. The next week was Midterm Break and while I was in Omaha I started memorizing my lines, eager for the rehearsals ahead.


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