Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Senior Speech: Rumors

I wrote this out and recorded it, due to the fact that I was out of town during the show:

You guys are amazing, and I'm so sorry that I'm not there with you. This experience is unlike anything and I can't even explain how much it means to me. I have no idea what my life would be without theater. Being with you bunch of misfits has taught me so much, and I love you guys.
            First, to the techies: thank you for working on this show. I know you might not get the recognition you deserve sometimes, but I appreciate your time and effort.
            I will now take a moment to say something to each one of you individually. I randomized your names, so it comes in a random order.
Jenna: We have worked on almost every show in our high school careers together, and I thank you for being such a kind and caring person. I will really miss working with you.
Jessica: I haven’t had the opportunity to work with you very much, but you are talented and funny. Have fun with your last year.
Audrey: You are my other half, and I am so glad I was blessed with someone I work so well with to spend these last two years. I know you already bring so much to this department and you will bring even more while I am gone. I love you.
Will: You are one of the only people that remembers the original mom daughter origin and the only one who still calls me that. You’re something special.
Kylea: I love how we can talk to each other about anything, and I love the way you channeled me when you had to play a bitch. Keep smiling.
Matt: I’m so glad you tried out for this show, and I must say I enjoyed working with you on Rosencrantz when you had to wear a dress. It’s been great to see your growth throughout the years.
Aaron: You are the funniest, most random person I’ve ever met. The way your mind works is truly unique and I’m sad this is our last show together.
Kershaun: I love how far you’ve come from little Ollie in Nightingales. You’ll always be my mrisst and you’ve grown up really classy.
Daniel: You’re really good at playing a douchebag, so congrats on that. You’re hilarious and inappropriate and I’m glad you’ve continued acting.
Ari: You’re kind of an ass, but you have a great voice and you’re a really good actor so I hope you don’t ever give this up because I would be sad to see such talent go to waste.
Eden: I love you a lot. You are my paint buddy and I’ll miss you so much. You’ve played so many diverse characters and have excelled at every one. That’s rare, so keep on acting: for a long time.
Michael: You are one of my best friends. Your personality is crazy, quirky, and hilarious. You make these shows memorable. I’ll miss you.
Finally, thank you for letting me work with all of you and making my Westside theater life end with this show. I'm already so proud of you, but make sure to make me proud tonight. No one deserves it more than you. An end of an era; the start of a new beginning. Good luck, and I'll see you soon.


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rumors: Part VII

The set is up, and looks great! We ran through Act I on Monday. Tuesday there was NHS Induction right after school and a choir concert that night, so we squeezed in another Act I rehearsal from 4:30-6:00. At 7:00 I went to a read-thru for 2 minute Shakespeare.

Then, yesterday. We ran through our whole show for the first time ever. And we open in exactly a week.

It was a bit of a train wreck.

Stoll didn't let the actors call line (they should be memorized by now), and had Audrey and I take line notes. For just Act I we had a page and a half of notes, and there were a lot of pauses when actors were trying to think of lines. It didn't flow.

Act II was worse. It got to the point where actors were skipping 3 entire pages, repeating things, getting things out of order, paraphrasing important lines, etc. I had to help them out  a couple of times with their lines because they were struggling so much and couldn't even get on with the scene.

The good news is that the actors were taking risks. They played drunks and did funny side convos. There was this great point in the show where the couples were a representation of their relationships to each other. Ken and Chris were as far away from each other as they could be (DSR and DSL), Cookie and Ernie were sitting awkwardly on the couch, Lenny and Claire were both drinking at the bar, and Glenn and Cassie were having a fight in the middle of the room.

The actors need to get their lines together, yes. But the show will definitely be funny. It's in one week. Oh my.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rumors: Part VI

Last weekend our set was built, but we don't have it in place yet for rehearsals. This week we've been alternating Act I and Act II, and the actors should be memorized. A couple still have scripts in their hands, but most of them are pretty good at lines.

Now that blocking is pretty much done, Audrey and my job is to give lines when actors forget or say something wrong, and say the lines for missing actors. For two rehearsals this week I was playing both Ernie and Cookie, and was talking to myself part of the time.

Actors are rehearsing in suit jackets (guys) and skirts and heels (gals). We have rehearsal furniture, and I'm not sure when we're getting our real furniture. Hopefully soon.

Right now rehearsals are still 3:30-5:30, but next week they are extended to 6:30. We're adding tech elements next week, and then the week after are dress rehearsals and shows. I'll only be in town for one dress rehearsal (don't remind me).


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rumors: Part V

It is currently Spring Break, and we have held three rehearsals. Tomorrow we are going to begin to build our set - hopefully it will be done by rehearsal on Monday.

We are solidifying our existing blocking, and making sure everyone has a skeleton of what we've done. Since actors were missing sometimes or the blocking was weird and needs to be changed, going over all the scenes is really helpful. Over break we also blocked Lenny's huge monologue, so that should be a good foundation. It'll be even better once we get our set (which is being built by Kim, Anthony, and a few students).

Monday, April 8 marks our memorization date: which means the actors won't have their script as a crutch and Audrey and I will be doing a lot more line corrections. Which means our eyes will be on our script pretty much always and we'll see less of the show.

It's weird, working on so many shows but never really seeing the final product unless I watch a tape of the performance. So even though I'm technically missing the shows when I'm gone for Anaheim, it's not like I would have seen the finished product anyway.

Plus I'll be there for the beginning tech rehearsals, which is where my work takes place. It's in the actors hands on show days, although managers are needed for problem solving and overseeing tech crew.

No more rehearsals this break; I can finally sleep in.