Friday, March 29, 2013

Rumors: Part IV

We have successfully blocked the whole show!

Which means, now we can go back and fix the parts that are weird, effectively re-blocking the whole show! I feel like it compares to when you watch a movie or read a book for the first time and then you immediately have to re-watch or re-read to understand it better.

It comes with a lot of erasing.

For some of our rehearsals we have been missing an actor, and it's hard to block without a person there because then they tend to be forgotten, so I have been bodies on stage for actors. At this point, I have been Chris (wife of Ken) and Glenn (husband of Cassie).

I'm pretty sure Audrey has all the notes.

Ben blocked Act II.

As a side note, spring break starts in less than an hour!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rumors: Part III

I come to you today with bittersweet news. I have received 1st place in Accounting Applications at Nebraska State DECA and that qualified me for nationals in Anaheim, CA. That's the sweet part. The bitter: the trip takes place April 23-28 which means I will miss every dress rehearsal and performance.

This saddens me very much, but I have decided I can't miss that opportunity. It was a really hard decision (pro/con lists were involved, I promise) but I think I have made the right choice.

This doesn't mean I won't work on Rumors: I will do everything that I normally do, except during show week I will put my reigns down and give the full responsibility to Audrey. I believe in her leadership, and I'm happy that she'll be able to run the backstage without me (which she has been capable of for a long time). I've already started writing my senior speech which I will record and have Audrey play during the last circle up.

Moving on to happier subjects.

On Monday Stoll, Ben (he's the assistant director if I haven't mentioned him), Audrey and I met and discussed the show. Due to the fact that Stoll and his wife have a brand new baby at home, Stoll has to leave around 5 every day.

Yesterday was the read through. It went well, and the show is hilarious! We had to get all our laughs out now because we won't be able to laugh in the later part of rehearsals and show. It's a farce, and if you have the ability to attend, do it.

Much love,

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Rumors: Part II


Ken: Matt O'Dell
Chris: Kylea Mathison
Lenny: Michael Keefe
Claire: Jenna Hager
Ernie: Ari Juster
Cookie: Eden Ginsberg
Glenn: Daniel Keller
Cassie: Jessica Murphree
Welch: Will Boyd
Putney: Aaron Boyle
Lutz: Kershaun Stewart

Audrey and I predicted the list before it was posted, and we only got two wrong (go us!). This cast is really small, and a lot of really good people with strong auditions didn't get cast. And while it sucks not to get cast, please do still be involved. Casting a show isn't easy, and I get the privilege of getting to watch the audition process and listen to director comments and so forth, and not have the responsibility of casting a show. We have a lot of talented people in this department and I am sure that if you keep trying and showing up to auditions that it will pay off.

Mr. Stoll's wife is having their baby on Monday (the 11th) so our read through will be the Monday after (the 18th).


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Rumors: Part I

Out with Outsiders, in with Rumors.

Yep, you've guessed it, we're already auditioning for another show. How many weeks have I had off? Two? Good, we're on the same page.

Yesterday after school were open auditions for our last play, Rumors. Audrey gave me an overview of the show; it's about four couples at a dinner party and rumors are flying. I think.

Anyway, we collected all the conflict sheets and everyone signed in. Stoll made groups from the attendance sheet and him and his assistant director Ben Tape watched and took notes on all the actors. Ben will be a integral part of the process because Stoll's wife is due with their second daughter in less then two weeks, right when rehearsals are supposed to start.

For the majority of the time Audrey and I made our own cast list. Just for fun, to compare with the real one when it's put up.

Then we watched. And alphabetized. But other than that, we weren't really doing anything.

Callbacks were posted last night and are taking place tomorrow after school. I assume the cast list will be out Fridayish.