Saturday, May 11, 2013

Theater Banquet 2013

It's really over.

On Thursday I had my last theater banquet.


I don't know if I like this.

Anyway, before the banquet Jenna, Michael, Annie and I wrote our senior skit. Yes, I can act. Not very well, but I can.

Banquet is for thespians and parents and all around theater people in general. We got name tags, sat down at round tables, ate food, watched videos and pictures montages, performed our skit (I was even memorized. Be surprised), had awards, watched an end video, cried and hugged.

My award was the "Kind of a Big Deal" award, since that's what Stoll calls me all the time.

I also received the Joseph & Majorie Moore Performing Arts Award, which comes with a $500 scholarship. Which was surreal and wonderful.

Before I get emotional while writing this post, here's a bunch of pictures from the night.

Me and my "Kind of a Big Deal" Award

All of our theater seniors: I'll miss you!

Stage Managers: Future, Present and Past.

Theater Seniors!

Me and Matt

Stoll: thank you for such an incredible year.

Annie and me

Michael. You're the best.

Stage Manager's forever!

Daniel and me

yep, we're weird.

Good luck with everything.

Thank you, theater family. For everything. I don't know what my life would be like without you.


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