Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Outsiders: Part V

Today's rehearsal was okay. The actors NEED to memorize Act II - Audrey and I prompted line after line today. The blocking needs some work too, we worked some kinks out, but since I wasn't there for some of the end of Act II rehearsals I don't really know what's going on and the actors don't really know what's going on so we have to reblock and that should be unnecessary.

Hopefully tomorrow is better. There's no rehearsal on Friday, whatever will I do with my time? Homework, perhaps?

Anyway, last Saturday Audrey and I painted backstage left, by the workroom. I had done the door with Jamie and Dana a year ago, and Audrey and I painted the inside lime green earlier this year. Last weekend we added some blue and purple to cover up the gross wall and make it pretty.

2 Stage Managers, 2 Hours, 2 Paint Colors

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