Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Outsiders: Part I

The Outsiders Cast List

Ponyboy - Connor O’Doherty
Johnny - Jessica Hrbek
Bob - Danny Dooling
Randy - Michael Keefe
Dallas - Will Boyd
Two Bit - Aaron Boyle
Darry - Amber Kischer
Sodapop - Derek Richardson
Sandy - Jenna Hager
Cherry - Eden Ginsberg
Marcia - Annie Torson
Mrs. O’Bryant - Kylea Mathison
Jerry - Jessica Murphree
Doctor - Max Tierney
Nurse - Courtney Strayer
Mrs. Syme - Sarah Lemke
Paul - Kershaun Stewart
Greaser 1  - Will Luleich
Soc 1 - Jake Vann
Soc 2 - Daniel Keller
Hospital Personnel - Rachel Cunningham

The show will be February 13, 14 and 15, 2013 @ 7pm WHS Auditorium


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tech Tradition

We have this new tech tradition that on show days all of the tech crew plus Stoll get together and say something they are sarcastically thankful for.

Example: I'm so thankful that the ACT was scheduled at 8am because I love getting up that early on a Saturday.
It's funny because that is completely not true.

Anyway, we all got to say something we're sarcastically thankful for and I came up with 15 and wrote them down. I thought I would share.

They all start like this.

I'm really thankful that:
1) The blocking was set on the first try. (we redid blocking a LOT.)
2) I have a sound proof backstage. (the only thing between me and the audience is a thin curtain.)
3) Actors never get anything wrong. (HA.)
4) The space we have is so ample. (it's really small. promise.)
5) We got the set together so early. (weekend before.)
6) The school is awesome at scheduling. (the school scheduled a varsity basketball game during our Friday show literally 8 feet from our theater space.)
7) There are so many veterans who know what they're doing. (we have a ton of newbies.)
8) I spend all of my time outside of school on theater because homework doesn't matter.
9) During the dress rehearsals the blackouts are so effective and nothing goes wrong. (a lot of spillage.)
10) I got to be with each show an equal amount and didn't miss anything. (there are 3 shows that rehearsed in classes as well so I wasn't there for everything.)
11) We had 112 props. (speaks for itself.)
12) The dressing rooms we possess are so close to the theater (we used Stoll's room, easily the farthest we could be from the theater.)
13) The curtain guys are so helpful and get everything perfect. (they shorted us a curtain and gave us an extra pipe.)
14) I get to be seen onstage during scene changes. (I'm a manager meant to be behind the curtains.)
15) There's hardly any setup involved for each show. (mhmm. right...)


Evolution of Stage Managers

Madison Hoy, Audrey Leclou, Lauren Akers, Jamie Hicks
It's in reverse order but Jamie was the Stage Manager before me, then me, then Audrey is my assistant and Madison (a freshman!) is her assistant. Evolution of the managers. If only Christine were there, the manager before Jamie. But that's okay because without her I'm the tallest one and that's a little bit crazy.

And sorry for my last blog post because there are no differentiated sentences but I felt that was an accurate representation for how the process goes.


NoMaM: Part V

Nothing can describe the feeling after a show has ended. It's nice because there's a lot less stress in my life, it's weird because I have no idea what to do with myself after school now (homework?) and sad because in the last week of production you make so many bonds with all of the people it seems crazy that tomorrow you're not going to see them every day anymore. It's like losing your family.

In a nutshell, this is how production week went.

How are we ever going to make these flats look like the interior of a house? We need screws, tape, paint and a lot of magic.
We did it and how did that happen? This does not look like the Little Theater anymore with it's bright white tile it looks like we stepped into someone's living room complete with a black floor, furniture that includes a couch and chairs and table and yellow and brown walls with picture frames, and a door and some French doors with an archway. What?

Ohmygoodness how is all of this going to get done we have to figure out where everything goes including props and actors and we need tape and we haven't figured out lights yet so we're just gonna have the fluorescents on which gives me an inaccurate representation of how much actual light I am going to have backstage and which shows do I need Audrey to be back there with me and which props do I have to hand off and what was that costume change you just mentioned and those champagne glasses I guarantee are going to fall and did you just say you wanted me to make hors doeurves out of fig newtons, rye bread and marshmallow fluff?

Now that the stage lights are working I realize I have absolutely no light backstage to see anything and the curtains are definitely not sound proof and I'm pretty sure people can see me through them and I'm pretty sure this prop goes here but you're going to have to double check and was this your jacket for that one costume change and I'm just gonna make those stupid hors doeurves out of fig newtons because that marshmallow fluff is not going to work.

These headsets are a nuisance and a necessity I don't have a soundproof backstage so I can't talk super loud and can you please repeat that I have no idea what you said and I know we're treating this like a show and the actors are being annoying outside the theater but I have to leave backstage for a second because there's a problem and I have to talk to Stoll and Audrey what did you just say because it sounded like you said you wanted me to find a "hump" for a costume and I don't know what that means is that scene change happening now because I have to remember to change that one picture frame and I don't think the table is in the right place and did you say you were going to hand me that butcher knife in that blackout because that might be dangerous but at least we might get out of rehearsal early?

Do we have a preshow announcement because I never recorded one and the assistant to the assistant stage manager is starting the show did I hear that correctly oh my the first entrance was just missed this is going to be terrible oh wait it's not so bad but the people in the audience are drowning the sound you need to talk louder and this blackout is not effective when you have to get dressed backstage and did you clean up that vase that broke and there goes the champagne all over the couch can you clean that when you go onstage again will you repeat what you just said over the headset Audrey because I can't understand you did the show really go to 9:45?

I made that announcement and Audrey is going to start the show and not be backstage with me I finally got that costume change figured out and my parents are here so the show has to be good and Fish and Vince showed up and I can hear their really distinct laughter and there's someone right up against my curtain I hope they can't see me oh man will you make more hors doeurves we're running out of fig newtons was that a missed entrance that blackout was awful because everything spilled it's over and now I have to bow and I hate bowing and I'm gonna go talk to my parents and get some flowers and go to VI. It's really late and I have the ACT tomorrow and you guys are crazy so I'm gonna leave now.

It's gonna be our last show ohmygoodness and it's Jenna's birthday tomorrow so we're gonna have our powwow late and I'm going to say some sarcastic things now oops gotta go backstage it's almost showtime it's going really well actually that blackout was good because I glow-taped the heck out of backstage hope they can't see that from the audience and now it's over and we never have to do it again and is that one of my teachers in the front row I have to get the gifts now from backstage for Stoll and all the people who helped everyone please stay on stage for just a second and please oh no not another group hug with me in the middle you know I hate that do you have the directions for the cast party because I don't know where to turn this game is really funny and did the murderers seriously just win that game of mafia because that never happens and we're getting kicked out now see you later today for strike because it's past midnight!

Everyone looks really tired Audrey you go take actors and clean Stoll's room I'll get actors and clean up props and Stoll will handle taking the stage apart and it'll look normal again and take this to the Vault and that to the Cave no you can't help now I'm all done because that happened quickly and efficiently will you go out into the cold and take these flats to the garage and lets play a complicated game to end the process and did you say we're going to reenact the entire two and half hour production in fifteen minutes because I don't think that's gonna work we don't have everyone here I guess I'll fill in for this actor and oh man let's go get dinner and goodbye it's over I'll see you tomorrow in class!