Wednesday, October 24, 2012

NoMaM: Part I

Hello! Last week we held auditions for our Theater 3 production: Night of Murder and Mystery (NoMaM). We have three sections and each section has a one act relating to a murder mystery to perform.


Pink: "The Attempted Murder of Peggy Sweetwater"
Dowden - Amber K.
Llewellyn - Michael K.
Giles - Landry M.
Saunders - Jules R.
Bill Baxter - Aaron B.
Myrtle Baxter - Chloe F. 
Peggy Sweetwater -Emma S.
Sean O'Doodle - Chandler B.
Duchess - Sandra A.
Morely - Aaron B.

Brown: "The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens"
Edward - Kershaun S.
James - Connor F.
Allegra - Kylea M.
Tony B - Daniel K.
Justine - Jenna H.
Debra - Megan Y.
Beatrice - Eden G.
Roy P - Cordel F.
Connie P - Jessica H.
Peggy Sue - Brooke A.
Lawrence - Taylor P.
Hollister - Hannah R.
Mrs. Vickers - Carole K.
Edith - Sophia D.
Ina - Naomi S.

Purple: "The Omelet Murder Case"
Shake - Danny D.
Marlowe - Renee S.
Gertrude - Audrey W.
Gilda - Kacey R.
Claude - Max T.
Rosa S - Annie T.
Hamlet - Daniel S.
Ophelia - Logan G.

We shall start rehearsals soon. This is Mr. Stoll's directoral debut at WHS!

In other news, Vince's travelling Nebraska Shakespeare show Julius Caesar came to WHS on October 12th. I had the privilege of helping them set up and tear down. There were 7 actors, 1 Stage Manager and 1 Director (Vince). The show was amazing, and lasted about an hour.