Sunday, September 23, 2012

MacBeth: Part VII

So...MacBeth is over. What?

Don't worry - it all came together in the end. After our lovely situation last week with the actor dropping out we focused and worked on the show really hard. Monday's dress was rocky but better than expected, Tuesday's dress was good and Wednesday's dress was great.

We added sound, lights, costumes, the works. I was supposed to call cues, but it ended up that I just called the start of the show and the start of the second act. Our headsets were really finicky and it would have taken so much time to get every cue correct. I also recorded the preshow announcement, so everyone got to hear my lovely voice.

This show was actually a relief since I wasn't running around doing everything all the time. We had a props crew (so I didn't have to deal with props) and a costume crew(no costume-duty for me). Mr. Stoll called me our "failsafe" - I was there to make sure that nothing went wrong, and if it did, I would fix it. During the show I handed off some props for some quick turnarounds (twice Michael had to be handed daggers because he comes offstage from a scene and almost immediately has to re-enter).

The shows went really well, for the most part. Nothing went noticeably wrong. A few dropped lines, close calls with cues, and a breaking costume had to be dealt with, but no one got major wounds with swords or daggers (Michael only got a cut on his hand) - so A+ in my book. I got a lot of compliments from people afterwards, saying that they loved the show. Some people even told me they didn't understand it, but it was still really good.

Our rituals stayed in place for our before show powwow - this year the song we sing is "Some Nights" by Fun. Senior speeches happened as always, although this year was weird since I am a senior and therefore had to give a speech. Mine happened yesterday, the third and final night of our show. Yesterday morning I ran through what I wanted to say in my head so I wouldn't forget anything. I was really proud of what we had accomplished in little over a month, and told them so.

We added another a ritual as well - an all-crew circle up. We got to go around and say something sarcastic about the show: mine was "I'm really glad our headsets work perfectly" (because they didn't). Our new tech heavy program I think is going to work out.

Village Inn on Friday was hectic and loud but fun at the same time. The cast party hosted at my house went until three in the morning but hey, whatever. It was fun and I actually danced during a "Just Dance" marathon. Strike today was sad, since it was the last time the whole cast and crew would be together. Now the stage looks completely empty since we took apart the set and put everything away.

I just have to wait until the next one starts up.

What will I do with all my newfound free time?


Monday, September 17, 2012

MacBeth: Part VI

Well, today was the first dress rehearsal. Time flies, doesn't it?

To recap: last Wednesday an actor quit the play, we had to reblock a ton of scenes, and today was the first day that we got to run the show in its entirety, ever.

I have to call cues to the light and sound booths. We had to figure out props, costumes, makeup, and try to get the finnicky headsets working (they didn't).

I was probably a little bit on edge, as was everyone else. We have so many people working for this show and it still doesn't seem like everyone is on the same page. I'm running around doing this and that and just knowing I'm forgetting something somewhere.

But we got through the whole thing and I only had to put on two bandaids. So I would call that a success.

Now lets hope I get some sleep to do it all over again tomorrow and the next day and so on and so forth.

In other news, Vince's Nebraska Shakespeare tour of Julius Caesar is coming to WHS in October!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

MacBeth: Part V

Real sword day! And by that, I mean real fake swords. As in, instead of the foam swords they've been rehearsing with now they get prop swords that look real and if misused can draw blood.

Does that make sense?

Anyway, today we very slowly rehearsed our two sword fight scenes. No blood drawn yet! Meanwhile the set crew was making copious amounts of noise. However, we need our set so I shouldn't complain.

After the fights we ran our whole show. A lot of the actors right now are sick, so Vince read for Michael's lines (MacBeth) and I read for the actors who were gone or late (Banquo, Malcolm, Firedrake). There were two scenes in which Vince and I were the only ones talking back and forth.

Overall, it was a pretty okay run - not as bad as Vince thought it would be since we haven't looked over Part I in a while. On Monday we start cleaning things, polishing and whatnot. The thing the actors need to do right now: MEMORIZE. Know their lines backwards and forwards. Then we can truly make it a wonderful show.

Also, we got authorization from administration to do one of our sword fights on the landing during homeroom next Friday as promotion for the play. Yay!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MacBeth: Part IV

We rehearsed fights today. Audrey took the pictures, and she told me to say that's why the pictures are poor quality.

Lennox (Danny) with MacBeth (Michael)

Macduff (Jake) with MacBeth (Michael)

Macduff about to kill MacBeth

Macduff killing MacBeth

MacBeth and Macduff