Friday, August 31, 2012

MacBeth: Part III

I'm frustrated.

These past two rehearsals have been taxing, and I've been leaving the auditorium in a bad mood.

It's a little hard to explain, but in a nutshell actors have been: talking backstage, not reviewing blocking, not memorizing lines, goofing off in the audience, leaving their stuff everywhere and disrespecting the process, Audrey and I, and Vince.

Two days ago the actors got a lecture after rehearsal (we rehearsed all of Part I), and then Vince cancelled rehearsal for yesterday because of a show choir rehearsal. Today we blocked Act III. When we ran Act III all the way through at the end of rehearsal it was really rough.

I just hope that the actors get it in their head that they have to focus in order to put on a good production.

I was talking to an actor today who isn't in MacBeth and she told me that I say the same thing every production I'm involved with, "it's rough right now and I just hope it comes together."

Spoiler: it always does. At least it has in the past. Let's keep that trend going.


Sunday, August 26, 2012

MacBeth: Part II

Hello! It's been a busy week. We've started rehearsals and already got the entire first act blocked. Of course, that's a little misleading because in our cut of the play there are five acts and two parts. So, we've got 1/5 of the play blocked. Woohoo!

A couple of days ago we got to rehearse with just MacBeth and Lady MacBeth. Let's just say in the first act there are already two kisses. And since I've been working for the theatre department this will be the seventh couple Vince has taught how to kiss.

Yesterday we had rehearsal while our brand new set crew built our set (when it's almost finished I'll post pictures - it's going to be really cool). During yesterday's rehearsal we blocked some of one of our sword fights. Yes, there are two. We also blocked the knife fight. Spoiler alert: in each of our three fights, someone dies. Such an uplifting play, I know.

Right now we're using foam swords and plastic knives, but pretty soon we'll have to transfer to the real deal: a.k.a. Lauren gets to use the first aid kit. Brings me back to Antigone a year ago and the long sword fight at the beginning of that. We needed a lot of neosporin back then.

We start blocking act two tomorrow - hopefully I'll get some pictures.


Friday, August 17, 2012

MacBeth: Part I

Hello! This school year, which started two days ago, has been extremely busy. To start, we held auditions for MacBeth on the first day of school. We had a massive freshman group attend and try out which was amazing and I hope all of them continue in theater because we need all the people we can get.

Leading the auditions were the wonderful Vincent Carlson-Brown, his lovely wife Sarah, and the newly minted theater teacher Mr. Stoll. Of course, Audrey and I were in attendance as well and auditions went as they normally go. Talented acting, cold reads, absurdism.

Callbacks were held yesterday and were interesting to witness. I have the ability to see the cast list before other people, so I could watch the callbacks having in mind who Vince had in mind. After the shenanigans were over I typed up the list and just about ten minutes ago Mr. Stoll posted it on the door.

I have heard celebration.

MacBeth: Michael Keefe
Lady MacBeth: Amber Kischer
Macduff: Jake Vann
Lady Macduff: Jenna Hager
Banquo: Ari Juster
Ross: Audrey Wardian
Lennox: Danny Dooling
Seyton: Tag Ryan
Duncan: Landry Mathews
Malcolm: Connor O’Doherty
Fleance: Nick Gross
Hectate/1st Murderer: Kylea Mathison
Paddock/2nd Murderer: Marah Moran
Harpier: Sandra A.
Greymalkin: Ariel Kohll
Hellwain: Savana N.
Witch Minstrel: Nicholas Young (name TBD)


Friday, August 3, 2012

2012-13 WHS Theater Season

We had a meeting yesterday with Mr. Stoll (and Fischer!) to discuss the upcoming year.

Macbeth: September 20th-22nd (Vince)
A Night of Murder and Mystery: December 6th-8th (Mr. Stoll with Theater Three) - 3 One Acts
The Outsiders: February 14th-16th (Mr. Stoll)
Rumors: April 25th-27th (Mr. Stoll)

Mr. Stoll briefed us thespians on how he wants to really focus on cultivating an amazing behind the scenes program that's student driven. I am totally on board with that! The only downfall to me is that I'll be gone by the time it really gets going - only one more year! Only four more shows. Wow, I don't know what I'm going to do.

After the meeting (where everyone made fun of Ari) Fischer had to go back to her sick child, but the rest of us stayed and took inventory of our storage under the stadium stairs.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year and everything that goes along. It's still a bit overwhelming, but I think we'll pull through just fine.

NOTE: Auditions for Macbeth are Wednesday, August 15th -- the first day of school -- 5-7pm. Callbacks the next day, readthrough the day after that. Be prepared!! We open a Shakespeare play really soon!