Friday, July 6, 2012

News & Shakespeare on the Green

New Westside High School Theater Teacher: Mr. Stoll.

Mr. Stoll was the drama teacher at Westside Middle School and has moved on to tackle the craziness of high school theater. Good luck!

A couple days ago I met with Audrey and Fischer at the school to look at Fischer's progress of cleaning the theater storage areas. We went through the newly organized costume room (Klondike), prop room (Vault), and the furniture area (Cave). We also checked on the Workroom, which wasn't clean. Fischer discussed things with us, and how exactly we should help the new teacher with all of their new duties. The reason we did it a couple days ago was because she had to give up her keys soon (sad!).

Now on to Shakespeare on the Green 2012. My good friend Vincent Carlson-Brown directed one of the shows this year, A Comedy of Errors, and did the fight choreography for the other, Julius Caesar.

I saw JC with Dana two Sundays ago and it was wonderful, as usual. We brought our lawn chairs and set up with a good viewing point of the beautifully built set, so we could see all the characters die. Seriously. All the characters die. But they died very well! In addition to seeing Vince, we got to see his wife Sarah on stage (as Brutus's suicidal wife) along with Anna Jordan (Brutus's servant), an actor who graduated from WHS in 2011.

Last Thursday Jamie accompanied me to the opening of A Comedy of Errors, a hilarious play about two sets of twins who are named the same thing. This complicates matters, of course, as all of the people in town mistake one twin for the other until the end finally comes and everyone is revealed. There were many errors along the way (see what I did there?!) and it was a delightful play, set in a 1930's carnival. Sarah, Anna and Mickele (another WHS graduate) acted in it.

So, kudos to Vince. Who I also learned is directing the first play at Westside this upcoming year. Yay! I know what it is, but I won't tell until auditions. Or until I get the okay from Vince. Because techincally, Sarah is the one who told me.

If there is any other news this summer I shall pass it on!