Thursday, April 26, 2012

Absurd Acts: Part IV

I don't have time to write a long post now, but I figured I could show you our T-shirt and write later. The quote on the front was from an actor in Curio, after he read read the play. 'First I read the play, and I was like, "What?" Then I read the play again, and I was like, "What?!?!"'

It's absurd.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Absurd Acts: Part III

On Friday of last week I was at Curio rehearsal in Fischer's room. I love Fischer's room, but to rehearse in there is a disadvantage because it's not set up the same as the Little Theater, where we are performing our plays. But we make do, and rehearsal was fairly productive. Lines still needed to be polished, but we were only a little bit behind for Saturday's rehearsal.

After 4 hours taking the ACT Saturday morning (8am-12pm), I went by Curio rehearsal in the Little Theater. I had missed about 2 hours of rehearsal and when I walked in everyone was eating lunch. We soon got to work and were very productive, and now we are only one scene behind schedule. The next Curio rehearsal we have is tomorrow, but unfortunately I have a previous engagement so I am only attending for a few minutes.

Today after school is Bikini Islands and Bald Soprano, so Audrey and I will have to split up (which I hate, I like having her around) and each go to one.

As a promise to Jamie, the Stage Manager before myself, awhile back I said I would put a picture up of us. This is from the Much Ado About Nothing Village Inn, about a year ago.

Jamie and me. Stage Managers!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Absurd Acts: Part II

On Friday, March 30, we had a read-through of the scripts. However, since the director Luc was gone and so were two of his four actors, we did not go through Bikini Islands.

First was The Bald Soprano, with Alex reading the part of Mrs. Smith since Tomi was absent. Waiting for Godot went, both of the two actors in attendance. Then Curio & Valentine Are Pissed, with Vince reading for Valentine and Carter filling in for Fabian.

The next week: Spring Break. I went to Italy.

On Monday, April 9 (the same day Fischer told me she was resigning), we had an all casts meeting. I copied down the schedule onto a spreadsheet.

The three student directed plays went to Fischer's room to rehearse quickly (all they really did was play focus games). Curio was in the Little Theater. They played Gunslinger. I spiked the set (2 benches) and the actors spent a lot of time working on the 5 songs we're having in the production. Shenanigans ensued, as usual, but we were somewhat productive. Since Vince's birthday was April 5 (when I was overseas), I had gotten him a postcard and gladiator figurine from Rome. He was excited.

Tuesday's rehearsal was Curio again the Little Theater and Bald Soprano in Fischer's room. For Curio we worked a lot on the songs. Sarah, Vince's wife, was there and she was the teacher. She has a beautiful voice. Blocking wise we worked on the Epilogue first. I questioned why we would do the Epilogue first and Vincent explained that a teacher of his always did the end first so they would know what they're reaching for. Which makes a little bit of sense. We then did the prologue, and Scene 1.

Wednesday was Waiting for Godot and Bald Soprano. I did Waiting for Godot, which only rehearsed about 45 minutes because one of the actors had to go to work. They got really far, about half the show was blocked by the end, which is amazing. Then I crashed Bald Soprano rehearsal. It was so complicated! A clock is the central focus, and it chimes at random spots. Once it rang 29 times. The sound queues are crazy! Bald Soprano is kind of a take on conversation (small talk), and how stupid it is. So it's completely and utterly absurd, and doesn't make sense.  There are so many funny one-liners that the audience will laugh at everything. Right now, the actors laugh at everything. Which eventually needs to stop. Needless to say, I enjoyed the hilariousness of that rehearsal.

Today I skipped rehearsal because I was inducted in National Honors Society, but Curio rehearsal shall commence tomorrow and I will be in attendance.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I have an announcement: Terry Fischer has resigned from Westside High School.
An email she sent to the students:

hello friends:

I wanted to let you know that I have resigned from WHS.  

I am leaving a job that I LOVE (as you know).  And, I hope to come back to WHS some day again.  But, for now, I needed to find a job that allows me to spend more time with my son, George.  You guys know better than anyone that this job takes so much evening and weekend time (because you are often here with me), and I had a growing discontent knowing that I was away from George so much.  This decision was not easy to make; I have deliberated for quite some time.   But, at the end of the day, I feel it is the right decision for my family. 

I cannot imagine spending the past 12 years of my life anywhere but here at WHS.  I feel blessed to have worked with you all.  You make my job a joy on a daily basis.  I love theater.  I love my students!  And I very much appreciate the support from your parents and this community.  I cherish the fact that our paths have crossed.  I know our relationships make my life that much richer.  As much as I teach you, you teach me too.

I am going to begin a new job at a nonprofit organization called Avenue Scholars this summer.  This job will allow me to still work with Omaha's youth, but my new schedule will allow me much more George-time.

I look forward to working with you in the remaining weeks of this school year--in the classroom and in our final play production.  I plan to help with the transition of the new theater teacher this summer, once that person is hired.  I will come see your shows next year.  I imagine we can stay connected on Facebook or email, as you see fit, once this year ends.  

I am happy to talk in person with you if you have any questions.  

T. Fischer
Audrey and I, being in the loop, knew a day before everyone else found out that she would not be coming back this year. It makes me incredibly sad to see her go. However, I understand her reasoning, to spend more time with her only child, George.

Also, this makes me overwhelmed and my entire senior year is up in the air. Questions going through my head:
1) Who will the new teacher be?
2) Will Vince come back?
3) Will we have 4 plays a year?
4) Will we switch off musicals/Shakespeare's every other year?
5) How long will it take for the new person to become adjusted?
6) How much am I going to have to teach them?
7) Will they change the theatre department a lot?
8) Will we get along?
9) Will their style be a lot different from Fischer's?
10) Will the new person collaborate with the music department well?
11) Will they be young or old?

And many more, I am sure you get the idea.

I am sorry I haven't been prompt in writing about Absurd Acts, but I assure you I will get to it. Eventually. When I'm not freaking out about Fischer leaving.