Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today's scene was Sally Simpson - Tommy's biggest fan. Second to last scene of the play. Almost done blocking!

oh, teenagers

Kathryn, as Sally, sitting at her mirror

the guards

Michael as Tommy, being protective of Kathryn, as Sally


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Alex was the photographer for today's rehearsal; he actually has to have a camera in the scene so he borrowed mine.

Michael as Tommy, Eli as Capt. Walker, Ari as Minister

I just love Michael's facial expression.
Today was the day Mrs. Walker got to smash the mirror and Tommy is "free". Yay! No more catatonic Tommy.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Today's rehearsal was amazing, simply because our evolution of Tommy's makes me so happy.
Eliot, as 4 year old Tommy, Tyler, as 10 year old Tommy, and Michael, as teenage Tommy
SO CUTE. Teenage Tommy is looking in a mirror! The rest of the family is good too, of course.
Dana and Eli added as Mr. and Mrs. Walker
And, the rest of the actors deserve a shout out because they are also quite wonderful (most of the time). But the child actors make me so happy!


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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Jordan, Sarah and Kat during the Sensation scene

Tyler being dressed up by Cousin Kevin & Co.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Monday's rehearsal was a choreography session with Melanie, which was good because Fish was at home sick with the stomach flu. Yesterday's rehearsal had to be cancelled, but today Fish was back and we blocked the Acid Queen scene.

Tyler as 10 year old Tommy and Ariel as Gypsy/Acid Queen

Eli taking Tyler away, with good judgement, from the Acid Queen

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Saturday, February 11, 2012


Dana, Eli, Fish, Michael, Alex, Tyler

Michael standing in our prop storage. We're using it as a stand in wardrobe until we get our real one.

Yesterday's rehearsal was the Uncle Ernie scene. In the script, Uncle Ernie molests 10 year old Tommy in this scene. With ours being a high school production, we, for obvious reasons, could not do that. Instead we made Alex's character Ernie a drunk. Instead of "Fiddle About" it's "Tipple About". Ernie neglects Tommy when he's babysitting and that's the extent of it.


"Proofread carefully to make sure you didn't any words out." –Unknown

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today we rehearsed the scene where Tommy's cousin Kevin torments and bullies him, and then the audience finds out that Tommy responds to playing pinball and Narrator teenage Tommy sings "Sensation".

Narrator Tommy (Michael) and 10 year old Tommy (Tyler) playing pinball


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Tuesday, February 7, 2012


We were in the old choir room again today, for Scene E. This is the scene where Mr. and Mrs. Walker take their 4 year old son to get tested by doctors and nurses at a hospital because of his unresponsiveness. They test him and soon through theatre trickery he turns into 10 year old Tommy and is deposited back into his parents care with no answers.

Left to Right: Brooke, Jen, Landry, Daniel, Eliot, Austin, Jordan

Left to Right: Michael, Eliot, Robin, Katy, Jordan, Landry, Daniel

Left to Right: Jen, Jordan, Michael, Landry, Eliot, Daniel, Katy

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Left to Right: Emma, Robby, Michael, Audrey, Jonathan, Katy, Jordan
At yesterday's rehearsal the cast learned choreography for "Sensation". We were booted out of the auditorium for band (even thought we had it reserved) so we had to rehearse in the old choir room/orchestra room.


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Saturday, February 4, 2012


At yesterday's rehearsal we were scheduled to rehearse scenes A-D. This proved problematic since we were missing Mrs. Walker (Dana), Lover (Jonathan) and Uncle Ernie (Alex) - three very important people in the first four scenes. Because of this, we had to skip a lot of parts and ended up sending most of the actors home early.

When Vince arrived after the actors had left, we had kept Michael (teenage Tommy) and Eliot (4 year old Tommy). Fischer wanted to work with them on their character, making sure that they were comfortable with each other and had the same mannerisms, so the audience can see that they are the same person. Michael's character at the beginning is the narrator, and it's his memories he's recreating. Therefore, he can walk through walls (and by that I mean the imaginary walls created in the house that everyone else has to walk around) and connect with the audience, and no one on stage is supposed to pay attention to him.

One thing both the Tommy's have in common is a gesture that makes them calm: rubbing their index finger and thumb together. It's a small gesture but it bring the two of them together. Fish also had them do exercises like "Mirror": where Michael and Eliot would take turns leading and the other would have to follow their movements like they were looking in a mirror.

Michael and Eliot doing "Mirror"
After that our two wonderful costume goddesses Mary and Linda (both mothers of past thespians) talked to Fischer about some costume ideas and fittings and we all left home for the weekend of snow (of course it would snow on a weekend so we won't have a snow day. This is Nebraska).

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Hello! On Monday we had rehearsal going through Scene A again and learning the jitterbug. Audrey and I cleaned our workroom. Yesterday was Scene B which I unfortunately could not attend because of an eye appointment.

Today was Scene C: the scene in which it is Mrs. Walker's 21st birthday and she's celebrating with her son and her lover when her thought to be deceased husband Captain Walker arrives home, and it results in Captain Walker shooting the lover while Tommy sees the whole thing through the mirror.

Today we had Fischer, Mr. Avery, and Vince. Vince mostly crafted the fight that happens between the lover (Jonathan) and Captain Walker (Eli). Fischer did the rest of the staging, with help from Vince. It's nice because our script has lots of extra room to write all of our notes. We also put together a prop list and Fischer gave us a costume list so we have all of that in order.

Eliot (far left) as 4 year old Tommy, Jonathan (lying on the ground) as lover, Vince (plaid), and Eli (far right) as Capt. Walker

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