Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Today was both good and bad.

GOOD: Our trip to Bellevue East High School. At 2:15 Fischer gathered Alex, Audrey and I in her room and we set out for Bellevue. We arrived at the school and saw a clearly marked "Auditorium" and went to the backstage door where the theatre department has a huge workshop and the teacher greeted us there and took us on a tour. We got to see the huge stage as well as learn that on either side there are stage manager booths with TV's that get a live feed of the stage from the light/sound booth and headsets and a cordless mic and right then and there I became extremely jealous. We toured the backstage area and the curtains available to us and then he took Audrey and I up to the light/sound booth which was very organized and fantastic and he told us he would have a sound guy up there on Saturday to do whatever we wished. Fish and Alex were on stage talking to actors in his class. Then he took us to where our "homeroom" will be and we looked around some more and talked about logistical things in our play and then we left. It was a wonderful auditorium and I look forward to performing in it.

their stage
their light board
BAD: Rehearsal. In general. I don't understand why the actors are so disrespectful, but they are to Audrey and me. Maybe it's because it's a class, maybe it's because there are forty people, maybe it's because we've gotten down to crunch time and still have tons to do and perfect. And not everyone is rude, a few people are awesome about listening to us, but I've got to admit the majority of people don't listen to us. I know we can't really have the authority that Fish does, but we can tell the actors what to do. We tell them to put props back where they go; ignored. We tell them to be quiet; they oblige, for about 30 seconds. I feel like everything I said today went right over actors heads. My job is not easy. Not everyone can do it. And when people don't appreciate all I do for this program it drains me and doesn't make we want to come back. I love stage managing, but today in my eyes was particularly bad. I had a good day until rehearsal. Hopefully it's just a day, but this has happened before. With all the stress of school, I don't need something I love to just make me stressed. I hope that Fish will talk to everyone and things will change for the better. But at this point, I just don't know.


Monday, November 28, 2011


Today during class Fish took all of us to the auditorium while there was chemistry large group going on and had us paint the boxes that are a part of our set. During that time I took Fish's one act script and put all of the cuts she made onto my script and then used the electronic version and updated it. Later I printed it out and Fish emailed the Bellevue East theater teacher to ask if she could take Audrey and I to their auditorium on Wednesday to see what we have to work with for our competition (it's being hosted at Bellevue East High School). From pictures I've seen, their proscenium stage opening has a huge apron going out towards the audience while ours is a lot smaller, so we'll have to try to rehearse with different dimensions.

This is what our stage looks like. Bellevue East's apron is twice the size.

Rehearsal after school overall went well, Fish gave the cuts and the schedule for the week and then we worked more on the one act. Since the whole 43 minute thing she's had to cut so much and we need to get the timing just correct; we'll be disqualified from the competition if it's over 30 minutes. I, as usual lately, worked on the prop list and Audrey took blocking notes.


Sunday, November 27, 2011


Part 20! Today, the Sunday of Thanksgiving Break, we had a four hour rehearsal. See the dedication here? I arrived at 2:30 to interview a lovely graduated thespian named Drew for my senior project and then the mass of actors came and we started our first One Act rehearsal! Which is quite scary, since the date of our competition is in six days. Next Saturday.

The first thing we did was run through our one act as it was. Fish cut our two hour play into a [supposedly] 30 minute play and we decided to put it to the test. It was (spoiler alert!) 43 minutes. So, Fish spent ten minutes cutting more lines and we worked through the rest. I mainly worked on getting a props list solely for the one act. Since we cut down scenes not every prop used for the full length play is in the one act (just like not all the actors in the full length are in the one act), and I was determined to make an updated list. Audrey focused on blocking and transitions that were different from the full length and wrote them down.

The actors were mostly good today. Fish had to quiet down the stage left wing quite a bit, but it all came together. The thing that's got me worried? Our one act is in 6 days and even though all the rehearsals this week are dedicated to it, the next time we look at our full length play is dress rehearsal. And next Saturday will be an entire day from 7:45am to 5:30pm of non stop theatre. So get ready.

After rehearsal when all the actors had left I interviewed Audrey and Austin for my senior project. And I had previously interviewed Vince (the director of two of our plays), Jamie (the wonderful stage manager before myself) and Dana (another actor). Now I just need to put my video together. Yay for too much stuff on my plate!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today and yesterday were devoted to working the play. Yesterday in the auditorium we rehearsed Act 1, with full props and costumes. Ben Beck, a Westside graduate, came to help Fish and suggest ways to do things and he was quite helpful. I mostly finished the prop list and was on book if people asked for line (which they shouldn't, at this point). Today, unfortunately, we did not have the auditorium because of something with the elementary schools, so we had to rehearse in the Little Theater. A much smaller space for a 40 person cast than our huge proscenium stage auditorium. No props or costumes, just our black box set pieces. Ben was there again and we ran Act 2. Tomorrow we are running the play in its entirety (it's about 1 hour and 50 minutes) and see what goes terribly wrong that we need to fix. And for your enjoyment: more pictures.
Zach as Dwarf 1, Carly as Mirror, Tag as Witch

Dana as Cinderella, Alex and Robby as Stepsisters

Sunday, November 20, 2011


First Sunday rehearsal of the play! Today was interesting. It was a mandatory cast rehearsal so everyone was there and it was rather hectic. We ran through the entire play, start to finish. What made this different for Audrey and I was the fact that we had to deal with our 90+ props and 35+ costumes. Today I wrote down a list of which costume went on which side of the stage, who it belonged to and what character they were. I then put spike tape on every hanger and wrote the actor's name so they'll always use the same one. 

Then we dealt with our multitude of props. We had already pretty much figured out what prop went on which side so today was mainly making prop tables. You do that by getting a table and then putting butcher paper over it and then dividing it up so everything has a place and you label it with a permanent marker. I have a ton of props on my side (stage right) so I have 3 tables. I also have a lot less room, and I have to deal with: a wardrobe, a costume rack, a piano that always stays backstage plus my 3 prop tables so its very tight. Audrey has a lot more room so she has all of the bigger set pieces like the door, the fireplace, the castle, the tower, etc. She also has a tiered prop shelf and doesn't need a table. But let me tell you, today was tiring for both of us with all we had to do and take care of. I updated our prop list and still don't have everything put down on paper. Tomorrow we polish Act 1 and we will continue to make this show the best that it can be. 

If the show runs smoothly, we're doing our jobs.


Saturday, November 19, 2011


First Saturday rehearsal of the play! We ran through our two longest scenes today: Snow White and Cinderella.
Wicked Stepsisters
What Audrey and I have been working on the past couple of days is master prop list: Name of Prop, Name of Actor who uses that prop, Character of the actor, who brings the prop on stage and from which side, who brings prop off stage and which side.

We'll make sure everything is correct and fill in missing blanks when we have mandatory rehearsal tomorrow from 2-6pm.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

TBGS: Game Show Fight


Today during large group Fish directed the last scene transition of Act 1, so for actual rehearsal we ran Act 1 in its entirety. Of course, we had a number of cast members missing for a Journalism conference, All State, etc. but we made do with the actors we had. Shenanigans ensued, but it was a lot better than it was the past two days. Here are some pictures:
Meredith as Enchantress in Rapunzel's tower


TBGS: Part XV (Alex, Audrey and Lauren use Power Tools)

Hello! Yesterday during school I helped Fish organize some of the props for the show, and that continued when we had rehearsal after school. I made a master list of what props we had, what scenes they were in, who used them, and what side of the stage they started on and ended on (Audrey helped a LOT).

The rehearsal itself was dedicated to transitions again, but this time for Act 1. I wish I could say that the actors were 100% better than we were the day before, but they weren't. They were better, sure, but still quite obnoxious. Fish brought up a good point though and said that while the transitions were especially stressful to me, her and Audrey because we had to write everything down and spike everything and make everything look good. But the actors who weren't doing anything were most likely quite bored. And I get that, but you can be bored quietly. For goodness sakes just do homework or something.

The part I enjoyed the most was after rehearsal had ended. Audrey, Fish and I we were going over props when Alex came over to us and said he had found a solution to our door problem. You see, we have a free standing door we have to use for 4 or 5 scenes that is very bulky to carry and we tried to put wheels on it and it got Alex thought of a contraption to make it better. He told Fish and we attempted to do what he was thinking but we didn't have a bit or something so Fish left and once she left we found the thing we needed and Alex, Audrey and I spent 3 hours fixing the door. Alex handled the power tools, Audrey and I spray-painted, we all problem solved (so many problems that arose but we are not non-finishers. WE FINISH) and we left the school at 8:30pm.

So, I was at school from 7:30am to 8:30pm. Yay for 13 hours days at school!

The sign on the door says To: Terry Fischer <3 the theatre fairy

We are amazing at making doors stand on their own.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So far, this blog hasn't had too much contrast between a good rehearsal and a bad one. Well, I'm [sort of] glad to say that moment has finally come! Today's rehearsal was not good.

Everyone was called and it was a major disaster. People were late, people called in sick or had to leave early - but that wasn't even the big deal. It was just how utterly disrespectful people were being towards Fish and us stage managers. Today we rehearsed scene changes in Act 2 and people were continuously talking backstage, even after being told to stop. While Fish was attempting to direct even people onstage were acting like complete idiots. It gave me a headache and was the worst rehearsal I've had to sit through in a long time. Afterwards Fish gave a speech to the actors about their behavior and I hope they take it to heart because it will not go well tomorrow if nothing changes.

I'm really quite appalled at how people acted towards myself and Audrey, because even though we are peers we are authority figures while we're stage managing and people need to listen to us. I asked people repeatedly to quiet down or while I was spiking* the stage (on a good note - we finally have all our set pieces!) for all the scene changes people wouldn't move or were just being obnoxious.

I hope you have benefitted from the contrast, and hopefully I won't have to write a post like this again for a very long time.


*Marks on the stage floor, made with spike tape (usually colorful), to designate where pieces of scenery are to be placed. Particularly useful for scene changes.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Alex as Wicked Stepsister 1 and Will as Prince Charming. Notice the heels.

Robby as Wicked Stepsister 1 and Will as Prince Charming. Sorry the picture is so blurry, but this was the best one to show Will carrying Robby to the carriage. Again, notice the heels.

Scene M and Scene N today! Scene M had almost every cast member, so of course hilarity and disaster ensued trying to block everyone - we eventually got it. Then the Cinderella wonderfully funny as shown in the pictures. Just wait until there's a picture of the Stepsisters in their animal print dresses and tights.


Friday, November 11, 2011


Annie as Grandma fighting Lilly, the Wolf. Vince as Fight Choreographer.
Scene L: Lil' Red. Yesterday was Scene K: Devil's Grandma.

Get ready for next week: all cast called for every day - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Will as Prince 3 and Austin as Dwarf 2 (Snow White)

Scene J - first scene in the second act. There's a choreographed fight, but blogger wouldn't let me upload the video. Here are fight pictures:
Austin as Dwarf 2 and Tag as Witch 2


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

TBGS: Part X

Robby and Isaac as Crab People and Julia as Narrator R
Scene E today! This middle part of the play process gets a little bit repetitive, in that we block 1 or 2 scenes per day at rehearsal. But the pictures are fun!


Monday, November 7, 2011


Annie....being Annie

Jonathan as Frog Prince and Julia as Princess
We had our auditorium back today! We worked scenes F & G.


Friday, November 4, 2011


Hello! This past Wednesday and Thursday our rehearsals have been in the Little Theater since the auditorium has been occupied and we have had both Fish and Vince there. On Wednesday after school we worked scene C and yesterday in large group we did scene A in Fish's room and that night we worked scene D in the Little Theater. I also interviewed Vince yesterday for my senior project, asking him things about stage managers. Today during my small group theater 3 class we worked scene D more and then after school the entire cast congregated in the old choir room and rehearsed scenes A, B, C, and D. It was a little bit hectic but do-able and most everyone was there so we polished things and worked on transitions and details like that. And the good things is, we have 4 scenes done (for the most part).


Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Today was our first rehearsal for TBGS with blocking after school, 3:30-5:30. Unfortunately, our director (Fish) couldn't make it so Vince Carlson-Brown stepped in and blocked the remaining things for Scene A and Scene B - we have been working on them in class too (which is hard for me, because sometimes I don't have things written down since I'm only in one small group out of three, and Audrey and I are in the same class). Scene A has every person except for a select few to introduce the show, so it's basically chaos. And it's quite difficult to write every movement someone makes, but Audrey and I do our best. Scene B was much easier since there were less people to keep track of. I must say, Rumplestiltskin is the funniest character so far because the actor playing him is so ridiculous in her character. I hope every actor can get to her level of commitment to whoever they're playing; if so, the show will certainly be spectacular (and it's called a spectaculathon). Rehearsal went a couple minutes after simply because the first scene, and especially the first scene transition into the second scene, took so long to perfect. I'm very interested to see how this play progresses, it should be really fun to watch. Hopefully I'll get a video up sometime in the near future.