Friday, October 14, 2011

Monologues and Much Ado About Nothing

Hello! Yesterday during the last two mods of school (a mod is approx. 40 minutes) we had a group of UNO (University of Nebraska at Omaha) students combined with our advanced theater class and we switched off performing monologues: 2 UNO students went, then 2 WHS students went. It was really interesting to see actors at different levels, performing monologues with different subjects, lengths and styles.

Today theater students and some English classes got out of normal class for 2 mods and got to watch a production of Much Ado About Nothing, directed by our very own Vince Carlson-Brown. Vince directs two of the four plays at Westside, while Fish directs the other two -  I've stage managed three plays for him: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, Not About Nightingales, and Antigone. In addition to directing at our high school, he acts and directs plays around Omaha, and he works a lot with Nebraska Shakespeare, who were the ones to put on Much Ado. We put it on last year, and we had a bunch of cast members - he only had seven actors and every actor but one were double casted. Dan Chevalier: Benedick/Borachio, Sarah Carlson-Brown: Beatrice/Verges, Kersten Katerina Haile: Hero/Dogberry, Russell Daniels: Leonato, Kelly Misek, Jr.: Don Pedro/Seacoal, Matthew Karasek: Claudio/Sexton, Lauren Krupski: Don John/Margaret. Yes, Sarah is Vince's wife and the main woman actress.

The production was absolutely wonderful. Vince used Mumford & Sons as the music and the set was magnificent. The actors did a fantastic job as all of their parts and it was very cohesive, easy to watch, we laughed when it was funny and were sad when it was sad. I enjoyed it so much that I had to congratulate Vince after it was finished - it was so different seeing a play from the audience than watching it from backstage. I pictured our actors during the play that we had cast in our version, but it was so nice to see professional actors in the roles.


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